Corporate Membership Plan


To increase realized value for our member companies and facilitate the expansion of Marketing & Sales Executives of Detroit (MSED), we offer a Corporate Membership to those companies that have several individuals that  qualify for MSED membership.

Corporate Membership is:
  • Based on number of employees from each company who join MSED
  • Cumulative
    • If a company presently has three members and a fourth member joins this year, the fourth will receive the corporate membership rate
    • At renewal time, all four members will receive the corporate renewal rate
    • MSED will keep track of the number of members per company
    • The Company is responsible for maintaining an appropriate number of members to qualify for the Corporate Membership plan. The Company will also be responsible for replacing executives if members leave the company.
Fee Structure:
    Initial* Renewal
4 to 6 Executives $300 each member $175 each member
7+ Executives $200 each member $150 each member

*The initial fee will be prorated based on the month that the group joins.

  • Membership resides with company (not an individual)
  • “Transfer of Membership” application
    • If an individual with the corporate membership leaves the Company, the Company may nominate another MSED-qualifying employee to fill the vacant membership
    • The transfer membership application of the new member put forth is subject to review and approval by the Membership Committee
    • Should no other qualified members of the company be put forth, the remainder of the dues for the current year will not be refunded.
    • Renewal of Corporate Memberships at the discounted rate can only occur if the required number of members renew.
  • Corporate Memberships are applicable to company divisions, as well as to entire organizations/corporate headquarters

If there are any questions, please call Meeting Coordinators, Inc. at 248-643-6590.













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