Membership Categories and Qualifications


MSED membership is open to marketing and sales executives in the Metro Detroit area.  To enable a well balanced membership, the following job titles are used as a guideline to qualify potential members.  Please select the category pertaining most closely to your responsibilites.

  • Vice President of Sales, Sales Director or Executive in Charge of Sales
  • Vice President of Marketing, Marketing Director, or Executive in Charge of Marketing
  • Sales or Marketing Consultant
  • Sales or Marketing Training Director
  • Principal/Owner(s) of a Company
  • Sales or Marketing Educator

Within these classifications, it is the association’s policy that salespeople whose primary responsibility is selling a company’s products or services, rather than managing other salespeople, do not qualify for membership. In all cases, the decision by the Board of Directors of the association prevails.

If you have been referred to MSED by a current member, please indicate that member’s name on the application in the field titled: “Sponsored By”.


Membership Dues & Renewal Policy


MSED membership dues are based on our fiscal year, July 1st through June 30th. Individual memberships are renewed each year in June at the annual rate of $200 and are due by July 1st.  Click here for information on our Corporate Membership Plan.

If you join MSED once the fiscal year has already begun, your new member rate will be prorated based on the date of your application submission. The following June, you will receive a renewal invoice for the full annual renewal rate of $200.

For example, dues for an individual joining MSED in December would be $250 (comprised of the $150 initiation fee + 6 months of prorated dues which equals $100).  

Should you have any questions regarding any of the above information, plea
se contact us at (248) 643-6590.


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