MSED Annual Awards

This annual event recognizes the exceptional achievements of business executives and sales and marketing professionals in SE Michigan.  The event is designed to achieve the following:

  • Serve as the primary income-generator to fund MSED activities which include the organization's Scholarship Program, educational seminars and charitable contributions.
  • Strengthen the credibility and importance of the role played by marketing and sales professionals in the business world.
  • Create a "Celebration of Winners" which brings attention to the great things going on in Michigan from a business and/or community perspective.

 For a complete list of past award recipients, click here.

MSED Executive Leadership Award


The Executive Leadership Award recognizes a “Game-Changer,” a person reflecting the true definition of a pinnacle leader. Someone who has demonstrated leadership, built strong lasting relationships with various constituencies, exhibited ethical protocol, and is seriously committed to improving the community.


In selecting a candidate, the Gala Committee looks for an individual in the SE Michigan business community who meets the following criteria:

  • Recognized as an impact player both within the company for which they work and the industry of which it is a part
  • Applies their leadership and business skills to the betterment of local communities
  • Brings a “Why not?” rather than a “Why?” approach to the challenges facing their company or organization
  • Inspires those around them to operate at the highest level
  • Never loses sight of the “BIG” picture 
  • Thrives under pressure
  • Makes the difficult and necessary decisions even when it is not popular
  • Thinks outside-the-box and encourages others to do likewise
  • Molds a diverse workforce into ONE team
  • A person of deep conviction whose integrity is beyond reproach

MSED Trailblazer Award


The Trailblazer Award recognizes an individual whose use of marketing has totally changed the face of the company for whom they work and significantly impacted the landscape of the industry they serve.




In selecting a candidate, the Gala Committee looks for an individual in te SE Michigan business community who meets the following criteria:

  • Recognized as an impact player in their industry
  • Shows great creativity in the application or marketing tools
  • Not afraid to take risks
  • Significantly impacted their company's bottom line
  • Created a paradigm shift in how their company goes to market
  • Increased importance and credibility of marketing with upper management in their company
  • Steered their company into unchartered waters with very positive results 


MSED Platinum Awards 


Each year, MSED honors sales and marketing professionals with its Platinum Awards.   These awards recognize an individual and a team who have distinguished themselves in our field and helped their companies achieve critical business goals.


Judges on the Platinum Awards Panel, made up of marketing and sales executives and past award recipients, consider qualifications based on information provided on the nomination form that meet the following criterion:

  1. Overcome obstacles in order to achieve success
  2. Utilized creative marketing and/or sales ideas or approaches
  3. Exceeded business goals
  4. Impacted your business and/or industry
  5. Exhibited exemplary teamwork, or leadership as an individual
  6. Significance of accomplishment(s)… Financial Scope and Magnitude

For additional information on how you can nominate an individual or team for the next Platinum Awards, please go the Platinum Awards page.

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