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July 2021

Back to (Un)usual

"No, I'm not familiar with the dress code...but I'm pretty darn sure that jammies aren't on it!"

Happy Summer! I hope that all of you are now back to a work routine that works with our new lifestyles. The COVID lockdown has many of us shifting to a hybrid workforce with some at home and some in-person office days. I am hearing much needed good news now that the restrictions have been lifted. However, I know there are still some of you looking for that new career or have job opportunities that need to be filled. Did you know that MSE Detroit can help you whether you are looking for a job or you need to post a job? During the pandemic MSE Detroit created a Career Center on our website. Let us know how we can be of help…networking is the key to success.

With good news also comes press releases. Let us assist you with spreading the successes you are experiencing. MSE Detroit will post your press release in our monthly newsletter and on the website. Send your press releases to:

June was a month full of great programs. If you missed the presentation by Tavi Fulkerson, from the Fulkerson Group extolling the exciting opportunities planned at the M1 Concourse for Motor Bella on September 23-26, you can catch the “FREE” encore presentation on our website, under "On-Demand Videos" coming soon.

The reviews received on the 10 Top LinkedIn Strategies for 2021 presented by Brenda Meller were all high praise. She jammed 4 hours’ worth of information in just a little over an hour. Everyone, including myself, were writing feverously to take down all the valuable notes. Amazing how simplified Brenda can make a techie program for the non-tech person. This is a program I recommend that you share with all your colleagues…members are only $15 to view, and non-members are only $25. Such a deal! You can find this recorded program on the website under “Events – Speaker Series On-Demand.” Speaking of “deals," Brenda published a book “Social Media Pie – How to Enjoy a Bigger Slice of LinkedIn”. My copy is in the mail and I can’t wait to read it and share it with our Social Media team at MSE Detroit.

While researching events, please enjoy the “Motivations to Good Decisions” presented by our MSE Detroit long-time member and friend Priscilla Archangel. (The video will be On-Demand on our website soon.) This has been a tough year for decisions and the duration of 2021 and beyond will be the same. With guidance from Priscilla we can move forward more confidently. Did you know that Priscilla is also an author and has a new book "LeaderVantage: 7 Essential Steps to Peak Leadership" for your reading pleasure? I highly recommend that you purchase this book for your professional library.

Golfers Get Good Mileage

The average golfer walks about 150 km and drinks four litres of alcohol each year.

Which means golfers get about 38 km to the litre.

—venkman62 on

Haha! Join us for a "walk in the park" with your colleagues at our 28th Annual MSE Detroit Golf Outing on August 30th. Are you ready to join your peers for a little bit of fun? Join us for golf or just for the socializing afterwards. We will tee off at Cherry Creek Golf Course in Shelby Township at 9:00 am and return to the club house around 2:30 for networking. Consider joining us for Golf and or Networking. Click HERE for additional details.

Be well and be safe.

Ann K. Bruttell, MSE Detroit President

Owner, Meeting Coordinators, Inc.


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MSE Detroit Golf Outing!

Monday, August 30, 2021

Cherry Creek Golf Club, Shelby Township

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