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Which Membership Suits YOU? 


Business professionals responsible for sales, marketing, planning, program management and/or administration or instructors in educational institutions.  A  Member may hold an individual membership or be part of a corporate membership. Individual members retain their membership regardless of their employment.  Memberships within a Corporate Membership are retained by the company to assign to their employees as they determine. A  Member has full voting rights.  Click here for information on our Corporate Membership Plan.


Student Members:

Full-time undergraduate or part-time graduate student in a business, sales or marketing program.  Student members must provide proof of current enrollment at the time of application.  Student members do not have voting rights.

Starter Member:

Any individual who is working or a job candidate in the sales &  marketing field. Starter members enjoy all the basic member  benefits. 

If you have been referred to MSE Detroit by a current member, please indicate that member’s name on the application in the field titled: “Sponsored By”.


Membership Dues & Renewals 


MSE Detroit membership dues are annual based on the date a member joins the organization. Annual renewals are automatically charged to a members' credit card on the due date. Members may opt out of this recurring payment within their member profile.

Annual Dues:

Starter Member - $FREE thru December 31, 2020

Student - $FREE thru December 31, 2020

Should you have any questions regarding any of the above information, plea
se contact us at (248) 643-6590.


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